Daniel Bayot

Composer, Performer

Daniel Bayot (b. 1995) composes chamber, choral, orchestral, electroacoustic, and film music of diverse aesthetics, aiming to satisfy the cerebral, visceral, and kinetic facets of a listener’s experience. As a Hawaiʻi transplant and an Interlochen alumnus with a B.M. from Bowling Green State University, Daniel has collaborated with a variety of ensembles, including the LA-based collective wild Up, the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Calliope's Call, the World Youth Wind Symphony, the Interlochen Philharmonic, members of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, members of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Honolulu-based chorus Melemai Kapuʻuwaimai. His music has received recognition from numerous organizations, including the NFMC (Marion Richter American Music Composition Award), BMI (Student Composer Awards Finalist), SCI/ASCAP (Commission Competition Winner, Morton Gould Young Composer Awards Finalist), the LA Philharmonic (National Composer's Intensive), and the Interlochen Center for the Arts (Interlochen Fine Arts Award for Composition). As a vocalist, Daniel is an active performer of choral and contemporary music and a third of the experimental trio, 3 dB Vocal Ensemble.

Concert Works

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The Philosophy of Wood for three male voices (2016)

For 3 dB Vocal Ensemble.

The table
no time for its
and absurd
chair leaning against
the table’s futile stance.

I’m a pragmatic man
so I have no use for knowing
— An Excerpt from The Philosophy of Wood by Pablo Saborío

ONE CAPSULE BY MOUTH TWICE DAILY for voice and cello (2015)

no. for vocalizing string quartet (2015)

no. delves into the compositional anxiety of a young (no) maturing composer finding his voice (no). The piece is divided (no) unfolds in three consecutive sections (no) vignettes: the first begins inside the (no) amid this internal struggle, personifying battling (no) conflicting forces of burgeoning confidence and crippling self-doubt; the second zooms out (no) shifts the audience’s (no) listener’s sonic lens (no) perspective to see this conflict manifested externally (no) from the outside, particularly depicting (no) evoking the shame involved in expl  (no) exploring a tonal language; the third reifies self-doubt (no) self-criticism (no) self-deprecation at its most toxic and self-destructive degree. The arduous process of composing this work is embodied in the work itself (no).

To One in Paradise for voice and piano (2014)

A contemporary setting of Edgar Allan Poe’s Romantic poem of the same name. Score available for purchase via digital download.

Aether for flute, bassoon, and piano (2012)

For Thomaz Tavares Paes, Jordan Brokken, and Willey Lee. Premiered at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

The Atmosphere's Embrace for string quartet (2012)

Recorded by members of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra at Interlochen Arts Camp 2012 as a part of the high school composition readings.

Tangents for solo bassoon (2012)

Premiered by Jordan Brokken at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Large Ensemble

Monoamines for sinfonietta (2016)

i. deficient (DA)
ii. ruminations (5-HT)
iii. excess (NE)

Read by wild Up at the LA Philharmonic's National Composers Intensive 2016.

I Bring You for mixed choir a cappella (2016)

echoes of fantasies for mixed choir and string quartet (2012)

Poetry by Kamuela-Dawn Napoleon.

i. beauty

There is an inevitable striving in life
a constant need to want
and the wanting stretches ages
to an abominable vaunt
for everything amounts to beauty
to the glass at the end of the road
to the yearning rebel of freedom
from the unearthed impossible code

and the thing to fear the most
is the terror in the night
is the day where the new beauty
is a terrible oblivious fright

ii. temptations

are like wonders
that fall down from the heavens
and they whisper
gossip like school girls
and they burn
brush fires of lust
and love
and sometimes death too

iii. urges

urges are so inconsequential
they simply stay there
and wait for their time to come

iv. stupidity

stupidity is harmful only when you smile
and hollow fears do nothing
their kisses are echoes of fantasies
and the rest fear rebellion

v. violence the king

violence the king
he sits there and sleeps
finger nails clicking against the cold marble throne
his big statements always make the news
but the smaller ones
his masterpieces
remain unnoticed by most
they fester in every living person
they cry
and they scatter
but never recognized
perhaps nodded in the dull silence
but always alone
sending hearts to beatless nights
and eyes to bloodshot worries
and sometimes lips
to screamed whispers

Blood-shod Fantasy for wind symphony (2012)

“My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est
Pro patria mori.” —Wilfred Owen (Dulce et Decorum est)

Recorded by the World Youth Wind Symphony at Interlochen Arts Camp 2012 as a part of the high school composition readings.

Climbing Castle Walls for symphony orchestra (2011)

Recorded by the Interlochen Philharmonic at Interlochen Arts Camp 2011 as a part of the high school composition readings.


Katajjait for Inuit throat-singing and computer (2017)

Premiered at Bowling Green State University.

Tempered for fixed media (2015)

Bronchus for vocalizing cellist and computer (2013)

A collaboration with Jason Charney. Premiered at Bowling Green State University in Fall 2013.

Film Scores

Recent scoring projects include:

Peter and the Colossus

2014  |  2h  |  Drama, Fantasy

Written and directed by Mitchel Viernes. A collaboration with Alex Berko. Peter and the Colossus premiered in Fall 2014 at the Doris Duke Theater in Honolulu.

Purchase/stream the score:



2013  |  45m  |  Action, Sci-Fi

Written and directed by Mitchel Viernes. The score to this short film was in collaboration with electronic music producer Jesse Bayot. Middleground was featured in a number of film festivals across the United States.


2012  |  7m  |  Short

Written and directed by Tyler Yafuso and Ren Tachino. Awarded “Best Overall Film” by UH Productions in their 2012 Fall Film Challenge.


2012  |  6m  |  Short

Written and directed by Tyler Yafuso and Ren Tachino. A collaboration with Jesse Bayot. Awarded 2nd place by UH Productions in their 2012 72-hour Film Challenge.


Medical Text p. 57: Age

Composed by Nathan Haering for solo voice and live electronics. Medical Text p. 57: Age is an aggressive, virtuosic, and remarkably vulnerable piece crafted around the text found in the educational tome Cyclopædia of Practical Medicine, Vol. 1 published in 1845. The chapter that this piece addresses is on the topic of age and its effects on the body through the multiple stages of life, beginning with nascent burgeoning growth and advancing to eventual unerring onset of decay. This piece manipulates the coherence of text and plays off of humanities want to comprehend speech in voices, often crafting phones and consonants that are similar to speech but contorting them beyond understanding. When juxtaposed with recognizable text and married with a plethora of timbral driven gestures and extended vocal techniques, smooth transitions between nonsense and meaningful text help to drive the piece through continuums of obfuscation and clarity.


Composed by Chris Lortie for voice and cello. Text by Edgar Allan Poe. Performed by Daniel Bayot, voice and Em Pratt, cello in Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH on April 26th, 2015.

To One in Paradise

Composed by Daniel Bayot for voice and piano. Text by Edgar Allan Poe. Performed by Daniel Bayot, voice and Jeff Manchur, piano in Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH on April 8th, 2014.

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